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Purpose IV Self & Others: Weekly Topics and Readings

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Introduction to Learning and Teaching
Review Web Resources

#2 -#3
Learning and Teaching In Education
Complete Online Student Contact Form (#2)
Myers, Ch. #7

Explore Web Site:  Testing Our Schools (PBS)

Sign on to Google Groups and Post Introduction (#4)
Myers, Ch. #8

Explore Web Site: Don't Forget (PBS)
Click on "Watch Online" (Link on top right) - Watch Video Segments - Why Memories Last and When Memory Lies
Cognitive Development
Written Assignment #1 due (#7)
Meyers, Ch. #4

Explore the Web Site: Thinking Skills (PBS)
Review and Midterm

#9-10 Thinking, Language and Intelligience

Myers, Ch. #9

Explore Web Site: MSN Encarta, Intelligience

Explore Web Site: BBC hot Topics, Intelligence

Available from PROQUEST in the MCNY Library:

Gottfredson, L.S. (2004). Schools and the g factor. The Wilson Quarterly, 28(3), 35-46.

Multiple Intelligence

Explore Web Site: Tapping into Multiple Intelligences (PBS)

Available from PROQUEST in the MCNY Library;

Shepard, J.S. (2004) Multiple ways of knowing: Fostering resiliency rhrough providing opportunities for participating in learning. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 12(4), 210-217.

Fasko, Jr., D. (2001). An analysis of multiple intelligences theory and its use with the gifted and talented, Roeper Review, 23(3), 126-131.
Special Topics

Available from Wilson Web in the MCNY Library:

Eisner, E. W. (2004) Multiple intelligences: Its tensions and possibilities. Teachers College Record, 106(1), 31-9    .

Explore Web Site: Misunderstood Minds (PBS)
Be sure to Experience Firsthand the simulations of learning differences on each of the topic pages.

Explore the Web Site: Closing the Achievement Gap (PBS)

Review and Final Exam

Spring 2006