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Purpose V Values & Ethics: Assignments

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Assignment #1

PART 1 - To be completed by Session #3

Your first assignment is to complete the Student Contact Information Form (link in left column) and submit it to Dr. Weiner.

You will receive an e-mail invitation to join the class discussion forum hosted at Google. Please be patient. This is not an automated system and Dr. Weiner has to review your contact form before sending the invitation. Do not submit the contact form again.

PART 2 - To be completed by Session #5

To complete this assignment you will follow the directions to join the discussion forum and post a short statement (2-3 sentences) to introduce yourself to the class. This posting will be viewed by all the members of the class.

To post your response in the proper section, read the email that says "Introductions" and reply to that post.

Assignmnet #2

Written Assignment on Personal Values - Due Class Session #4

After completing the Endgame exercise, write a 1-2 page paper about how your personal values might affect your actions in your field placement. Be prepared to share your thoughts in class and submit your paper.

Assignment #3

Written Assignment on Codes of Ethics - Due Class Session #7

In 2-3 pages, briefly describe a potential ethical dilemma in your field placement agency. Select one of the Code of Ethics and summarize how it suggests the dilemma be resolved.

Assignment #4

Written on Assignment Ethical Dilemma - Due Class #13

Visit the web site:

Religion and Ethics Weekly, AIDS and the African-American Church

Jan. 11,2002, Episode no. 519 (PBS)
Watch the video (button at the top of the page)

Write a brief summary of the ethical issues involved in faith-based organizations providing help to people affected by HIV/AIDS. How do they resolve the issues?

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