Adele Weiner, Ph.D., L.C.S.W.
Metropolitan College of New York

Using Netscape Composer to Create Web-Based Interactive Course Syllabi

Workshop Practice Page

This page was created using only Netscape Composer

To Participate in this Workshop and Edit this Page in Composer,
select "Edit Page" in the Drop-down File Menu.
This page should now be opened in Composer.

Example of an Interactive Syllabus:

Netscape Composer Reference Page: Building Web Pages with Composer

The new Netscape 8.x does NOT include Composer.
To download Composer 7.x or 4.x, please go to the Netscape Archive page:

Type in Text: Type in anything you want below:

This is practice text for the workshop and is indented using the indent tool.

This is a Practice Bullet List:
This is a Practice Numbered List:
  1. item one
  2. item two
  3. item three
Change Font Size.
Change the Alignment.
Change the Font Face.
Change Font Color. (HTML Color Chart
Make Bold.
Change Page Color.

Use an Image Background. (find your own - Absolute Background Texture Archive - or use

Insert an Image. (find your own - Images at Google -

Insert a Horizontal Line.

Make a Link to: The Centers for Disease Control. (

Create an Named Target Anchor link.

Insert HTML:


<p><font color = "blue" face = arial size = +1><i>
My Bonnie lies over the ocean.<br>
My Bonnie lies over the sea.<br>
My Bonnie lies over the ocean.<br>
Oh, bring back my Bonnie to me.<br></i>


Copy the html code from above and insert it here:

Insert a Table:

This is an example of a two by two table. Double click on this table it to make changes.